Chimneys and Fireplaces

Get that fireplace you've always wanted. Or do you need repair to an existing fireplace?We install wood stoves, Cap, build or repair chimneys, in all various forms.. Historical, Stone, Brick, Faux Finish, Or Block..


Looking to update your back yard? We do everything from sidewalks, outside kitchens, patios, pool borders, and much more. No matter if you want new custom work or looking to update or fix existing work.We also have outside Kitchen kits available!


Restoration and Repointing

Do you have a Historical home that needs some repointing? Damage to existing masonry? We've worked on dozens of Historical Homes. We analyze the existing mortar, make various samples, and use a formula that is designed specifically for Historical Masonry. Our #1 goal is to match what is already there..

Stone - Brick - Tile

Whether it's a stone pad, brick wall, ceramic or porcelain tile, block foundations, concrete pads, outside Fire Pits etc.. We can do it..We will work with you to create something to fit your needs.

Faux Finishing

Want to add a touch of creativity to a wall?Faux finishing is a quick affordable way to add character to a wall, ceiling etc. We do everything from plastering, revealed aggregate, stucco, skip-trial, texturized finishes and much more.